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  • Pros:

    - Looks Like F.E.A.R
    - Really comes together with the Alma model and sound mod
    - Use of actual phone calls from F.E.A.R [or what sounds like it]


    - Bots get stuck in level 2
    - Random jumping from place to place
    - Finale is too easy
    - Can get lost easily 


    The map does a good job at recreating levels from F.E.A.R, with me saying "Hey, I remember this!" The usage of voice-mails from the game is a nice touch, and the Alma mods really add a whole new layer.
    I had Coach get stuck in level 2 trying to open a door that you can't open and having Nick refuse to move on. The levels don't feel connected and I found myself lost in level 2 because there are no signs hinting at where to go. And finally the ending was too easy, you just sit there.

Published Items

  • Mod
    Skullgirls Menu Mod

    Like skullgirls? Wish you can bring it with you when you play TF2? Well now you can with this mod. doesn't work during halloween, I made it like that This mods includes - All the portraits of the current characters (no Eliza) replacin...

  • Mod
    Alma Wade Witch Sounds

    Replaces the witch sounds with Alma Wade, and the music with F.E.A.R music. This mod is also on the steam workshop so if you want to get it there you can.

  • Mod
    Summer Sale Desktop

    What are the odds that the zombie outbreak started the same day as the steam summer sale. Anyway, this is just a random mod, so have fun or whatever. This is also on the steam workshop

  • Mod
    Brutal Legend Concert

    This mod replaces the midnight riders music, and the tank music, during the concert in Dark Carnival. This mod could just be called 'Metal Concert' but I prefer this name because it fits with the Brutal Legends Axe and Guitar Mod. So...


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