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    - Looks Like F.E.A.R
    - Really comes together with the Alma model and sound mod
    - Use of actual phone calls from F.E.A.R [or what sounds like it]


    - Bots get stuck in level 2
    - Random jumping from place to place
    - Finale is too easy
    - Can get lost easily 


    The map does a good job at recreating levels from F.E.A.R, with me saying "Hey, I remember this!" The usage of voice-mails from the game is a nice touch, and the Alma mods really add a whole new layer.
    I had Coach get stuck in level 2 trying to open a door that you can't open and having Nick refuse to move on. The levels don't feel connected and I found myself lost in level 2 because there are no signs hinting at where to go. And finally the ending was too easy, you just sit there.

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