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    Great Model with ejected shells
    Superb Animations (Up Down Animations!!!!!) 


    first shell reload glitch (only online) 
    hmmm.... nah


    The Look up/down animations are some of the most neglected components of all custom animation mods. I am so glad to see that that you had taken the time to add them here. It really does help remove the blocky feel some gun mods have since there is no up and down movement. Everything else is great. Animations are top-notch and look nice with larger FOV settings above 54. Good job!

Published Items

  • 5 Maps
    The Farthest Cry
    Beta N/A

    'Desperate for a way out of the chaos engulfing the nation, the survivors catch a last second flight into the vast South Pacific in search of a potential island refuge. But upon a hard landing they find a once bustling tourist spot worse...

  • 3 Maps
    You Are Doomed (Redux)

    ***Recommended that you reset your game instructor before playing this*** The survivors are taken into a evacuation post but it is quickly taken over by the infection. They take refuge in the military base's armory.Fight your way back to...

  • Map
    Alpha N/A

    Malice lies heavy in the air. Traverse and try to survive this dark and forsaken warehouse. These are hallowed grounds. NOTE: THIS IS THE BETA RELEASE AND IS NOT YET COMPLETE. THERE ARE STILL MANY ERRORS THAT MUST BE DEALT WITH


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