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You Are Doomed (Redux)

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  • sans_soleil

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    - the lighting is truly as fantastic as noted by others
    - the transition from claustrophobic underground to open surface area is thrilling
    - timely placement of hunting rifle
    - crazy explosive barrels
    - awesome shotgun placement in the finale
    - great idea and execution for summoning rescue
    - not much problem with AI, except for what's noted in cons


    - somewhat strange lighting on the bridge with cars, which can be a problem with my graphic setting
    - as others mentioned, the rescue vehicle does not move away in the outro
    - the water and background vista in the finale look incomplete
    - if you get incapacitated hanging off ledges from the water in the finale, it's extremely difficult for AI bots to save you, and impossible if hanging at the edge of the rescue vehicle


    This is a wonderful campaign. Thanks for making this. Most of the imperfections are with the finale, which looks like it could be polished further. I have no problem with the length, and I like the idea and contrast between the maps. I'd definitely play this again a few more times.

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    Mac-10 RGB


    Mac-10 RGB edited by me, all you have to do is put the vpk file in the addons folder. search on youtube how to install mods without editing pack_01 if you don't know how to install mods for the game.

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    L4D1_G-Man replaces Bill

    G-man is here and only God knows what will happen Now. Features: ■ first person arms ■ HUD/Incap/Lobby images ■ custom weapons/Items placement ■ Zoey's holster. CREDITS: Model: Splink L4D1 port : Xavi

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    Left 4 Dead Havok

    This mod add possibility change vertical speed for props and also allow survivors walking through walls and other objects. Contains teleport mod for Half-Life 2 and Portal 2