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My name is Richard Chan, I'm in Steam: ==DORAEMON is my favorite!/ 我最喜歡哆啦A夢了!/ ドラえもんは私のお気に入りです!/ 我最喜欢哆啦A梦了!==

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  • Pros:

    1. The second map of this chapter scenery was beautiful, the sky colo(u)r was charming.(as your screenshot you see);
    2. The escape route wasn't complicated, I never get lost while I played this map first time;
    3. Although the textures were monotonous, but it didn't matter;


    1. Hong Kong was left-hand traffic country, the cars run along the left side, not the right side(as Japan), and the people use British English, so "Computer Center(電腦中心)" was "Computer Centre";
    2. Opposite, the map 1 difficulty was too hard(the hordes never get stopped), and the map 3 finale was too easy(Tank won't appear in the finale);
    3. In the finale(map 3), the computers won't get on the helicopter, you need to make them incapable to quit the area.


    I've linked your map "Hong Kong" to my character mod "SDU Coach"(you can search for it on L4DMaps or Workshop), SDU was the well known Hong Kong special forces, I thought it matches with this map.
    I really like this map, I hope you can promote this project, fix up some bugs(as the computers won't get on the rescue chopper), you can replace the helicopter WITH a rescue BOAT.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

    • FYI, in map 1 you needed to switch that alarm off and climb that ladder before you move down the garden and to the safe room :)
    • You can totally rebuild the map 3, my suggestion is that the rescue area is better harbor/harbour(as Hong Kong Victoria Harbour), and there's a rescue BOAT near the dock, and the survivors must run to the boat as faster as possible, then escape from the mutation area.

      This comment was posted before the latest release.

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