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  • Falls Short of What It Wants To Be

    Maps are very well laid out
    Unconventional putting supplies just outside of starting saferooms
    Had some unavoidable witch placements and a good amount of tanks
    Bots rarely grab things, and when they do, you have to push them right up against the item
    Very little supplies
    SI alert hordes
    Events triggered by nothing
    Not much variety here. I mean, a few pills, a couple adrenalines, but I found 1 of each throwable throughout the whole campaign, and two of them were right before the finale placed together. It's set up to be difficult and definitely not oversupplied, but the placement of weapons/health makes it doable without being starved of anything. However, with bots not picking anything up, it lost balance. Then there's the events. Aside from a couple elevators, you're gonna cross an invisible line (or maybe an SI will), and then an eventless horde starts, which I hate. Very good as a beta, mediocre as a "finished" campaign.

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