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The Dead Before Dawn team is made up of several enthousiastic modelers, scripters and mappers who came togeter to create a campaign for left 4 dead, based off the movie "Dawn of the dead" from 2004

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    Dead Before Dawn (Uncut)


    "BrInG mE a BeEr, h'I nEeD a BeEeEeR, mY FaVoRiTe BrAnD iS mUdWiSeR" (c) Hank Kowalski This is a very first version of this campaign ever released before even Left 4 Dead 2 came out. It has cut from further versions tasks, randomizat...

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    Dead Before Dawn (Extended)


    THIS ITEM IS DISCONTINUED. Extended version which restores campaign close to early beta v0.9 with all 6 chapters. 1: "Citylights" cut map which was featured in L4D1 and in L4D2 until v4.1 2: "Anna Is Gone" which is set in daytime ...

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    Dead Before Dawn DC


    Dead Before Dawn: Director's Cut is an update of DBD including more mall, more zombies and more events! It includes our 'deleted' map Undead center, which you'll be able to finally play as full release version! Release: February 16th 2011

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    Dead Before Dawn


    Dead Before Dawn is an add-on campaign with a custom story, visuals and home made music for the zombie shooting game Left 4 Dead. It is based upon the 2004 remake of George Romero's Dawn of the Dead.

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