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Dead Before Dawn (Uncut)

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  • Original day one non-recompiled maps
  • Slightest touch to cover up some imperfections
  • Fully refurbished triggers with working in/outputs
  • A couple of new buttons added instead of triggers
  • Custom weapons by Rectus to spice up the game
  • Annoying Hank Kowalski with his unskippable quests
  • Dumb game engine who can't refresh flow after fail
  • Free copy papers


  • OWM2_M_B

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    It's OK

    This version of Dead Before Dawn provides you with more events and higer difficulty. The layout of some areas is completely different from the DC version, giving me a fresh feeling. You can't say its design and detail level isn't stunning (unless you dislike unorthodox gameplay - that's the biggest feature of this version), although there're many nav issues and the search events are not all that fun. Bots get stuck and teleported very often, and it's easy to find a completely OP place to camp in the finale.
    In a word, it's not as perfect as the DC version (in my mind), but it's quite worth a try, as long as you're not who hates the voice actor. Of course, the premise is that you can find somebody to play with - from my experience of playing this on Realism Expert, I have to say this version is particularly brutal for bots. You may not even be able to complete the fourth map if you are the only human player..

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Version 1.22 Beta

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