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There with vast wings across the canceled skies, There in the sudden blackness the black pall Of nothing, nothing, nothing -- nothing at all. -Archibald MacLeish

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  • Pros:

    Long detailed maps
    Creative and clever pathing
    More than two hours of play time
    Starts where Vienna Calling 1 ends
    Custom models that I normally pass around in RL ;)


    I can confirm the invisible objects in map 5 reported by Cookies (beta so expected)
    The helecopter sound played through out map 1 for me but none of my teamates had the issue so idk, could have just been my over-fracked system.


    If you are new to Vienna Calling, start with Vienna Calling 1 and then boot this one up and you'll be in for a long night of L4D2 goodness.  Thanks 44V!

Published Items

  • Map

    After the events of Space Jockeys, the end of time finds its third chapter. Now footed on Nibiru, the survivors must face the Anunaku in an epic fatal struggle. Please see changelog for hints on how to navigate Wormwood.

  • 3 Maps
    Last Baktun

    The end before the end. After the events of The Return of the Jockeys, our final chapter pushes the survivors to the brink of all time; our Last Baktun. *WARNING - can be challenging even on easy!*

  • Map
    Space Jockeys

    After the events of Mob Stadium 2012, a direct path with destiny awaits your demise in this L4d2 CO-OP map. Custom skybox (Spaced Out) by shini Custom texture (Flesh) by aa13x Shader detail must be set to high or better for the skybox ...

  • Map
    Mob Stadium 2012 L4D2

    The first chapter, Mob Stadium 2012 holds the secret to escaping the end of all time. Traps, challenges, and a Grand Finale await your demise in this latest version of Mob Stadium, a single but challenging CO-OP map. L4D2 add-on supp...

  • Map
    Mob Stadium 2012
    Beta N/A

    In this challenging CO-OP map - at the end of all time, the only escape from apocalypse hides itself at Mob Stadium. Mob Stadium 2012 is a single but fairly lengthly map with a grand finale.


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