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There with vast wings across the canceled skies, There in the sudden blackness the black pall Of nothing, nothing, nothing -- nothing at all. -Archibald MacLeish

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    Long detailed maps
    Creative and clever pathing
    More than two hours of play time
    Starts where Vienna Calling 1 ends
    Custom models that I normally pass around in RL ;)


    I can confirm the invisible objects in map 5 reported by Cookies (beta so expected)
    The helecopter sound played through out map 1 for me but none of my teamates had the issue so idk, could have just been my over-fracked system.


    If you are new to Vienna Calling, start with Vienna Calling 1 and then boot this one up and you'll be in for a long night of L4D2 goodness.  Thanks 44V!

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