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    - Excellent outdoor urban settings.  Lots of eye candy and feels very realistic.
    - Pathways are a bit confusing at first in some places, but after you play the campaign more than once, they're much more obvious.  The paths are actually linear but they don't feel that way, which is not easy to do.   There are some short multiple routes here and there which help.
    - Having only two pistols at the start is a bit worrisome but it forces you to focus.
    - "Surprise tank" in Map 2 is cool.
    - The long narrow walkways around the building are well done.
    - The antenna/roof event is a great effect.
    - The recording studios are an interesting setting.
    - The bridge event on Map 3 is well done and very intense.
    - The finale is a good combination of scrounging gas cans and escaping.  It's tough to move the gas cans up to the generator, but if you're quick and systematic it can be done.


    - Having a few more melee weapons earlier on would be an improvement.  In fact, there could be more melee weapons available for the entire campaign.
    - Map 2 had too many defibs as compared to health kits or pills/shots.  This might have been an exception, but at one point we carried four defibs and found another before any health.
    - The "drop through the floors" to enter the witch house is an unavoidable death-trap if there is a jockey or smoker waiting at the bottom; bots will take too long to come to your aid, and a witch will kill someone for sure if those specials are there.
    - Sometimes the bots have a really hard time navigating to the plane's loading ramp, even if there aren't any zombies to fight.  One time, a bot was stuck at the front of the plane out on the tarmac and I had to spend time shoving him to "free" him enough so he could move back to the ramp.


    (Just for clarity, I always play on Realism > Normal along with the "Gear Transfer" Sourcemod script, which lets bots carry things like grenades and hand them to you when you need one)
    Overall, this is a great campaign and I've played it about five times so far.  I enjoy urban settings and this has great examples and a lot of variety.  There is a very good balance of the numbers of commons and specials; you don't feel unfairly overwhelmed but you're always on edge.  The play on the "Home Depot" name makes me laugh every time. You might want to check one the problem with the bot navigation to the plane escape, because it's unfortunate if you die after all that work because they can't find their way up the ramp. In summary, this is one of my new favorite customs.  Thanks for the great work and well done!

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