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The guy that makes guides and videos. I firmly believe the L4D Survivors should stay in L4D. Porting the previous game's Campaigns to L4D2 was Valve's biggest mistake. Doing this endangered the fanbase of the original game.

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  • A cold experience, and not in the intended way.

    * Sufficient scenery and supplies in most areas.
    * Scripted dialogue.
    * Semi-unique finale style.
    * Branching paths.
    * Names in the loading screen are in the wrong order.
    * UI hints are lacking. Some events can come out of nowhere as a result.
    * Some inaccessible areas for bots, mostly regarding some ammo piles.
    Map 1:
    * Coach's scripted dialogue is bugged.
    * Bots don't leave the starting safe house until going considerably further from the room.
    * Shelf in room has no collision.
    Map 3:
    * Starting from Map 3 has only the crappy Hunting Rifle.
    * Scripted Tank spawns can be outright unfair in difficulty. Consider toning them down.
    * Tank run at the end gives little to no chance for escape. Bots are basically dead weight at this point. I would give the survivors a bigger head start to compensate. It doesn't help that there's a large ladder at the end, which are basically Bot killers.
    This map has a unique premise and potential, but is bogged down by questionable design decisions.

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