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  • mcpig237

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    Very fun.
    Plenty of Dialouge.
    Huck died.
    The Boomer rigged door was a fun thing to try and avoid.
    Miniguns are placed in GOOD places, not like other campaigns where miniguns are pointed opposite of where hordes come from.


    SMG was pretty overpowered in maps 2 and 3 because of the very thin corridors.
    (Maybe Director)  Hunting Rifles didn't spawn until the finale, and even then only in one place.
    Map 4 was generally not fun, but that may be because I HATE maps with forests.
    A few bot navigation problems.
    Weapon spawns overall were pretty odd.


    A fun campaign with plenty of zombies and plenty of heavy turrets to kill them all with.  I got my Red Mist achievement on this level, I killed roughly 250 zombies with the miniguns.  

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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