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  • Just a copy and paste by Flapjax

    This is Tags aka Tags on steam ..... This original posting is here ....      i don't know who this guy flapjax is,  he isn't the only one that has slapped there name with some of my maps. it was brought to my attention tonight from some friends. there wasn't any help from this guy flapjax on the creation of this campaign.. i really feel the urge to bring this dusty old campaign back out to finish it, to put a solid lock on it so there wont be any more false claims on my campaigns.  To flapjax . thanks buddy for your enthusiasm for my campaigns but next time don't just do copy and paste.

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    Beta N/A

    This campaign is a work in progress. 4 of 7 maps complete. no poster as of yet. Ive been thinking of this campaign a lot lately. i hate not finishing something ive started so as of today 3/21/2019. i think its time i start working...

  • 5 Maps
    Left4Dust 2

    dont download this campaign to complain .i dont want to read any more stupid crap about my Left4Dust in the left4dead2 downloads and be happy.

  • 5 Maps

    Left4Dust YES hammer broke on me so im done This campaign has lots of secrets and tricks..not an easy walk though campaign at all but if you take your time you'll be just fine so... relax, have fun, and enjoy. Its got HINT and STORY LI...


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