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    Just a copy and paste by Flapjax

    This is Tags aka Tags on steam ..... This original posting is here ....  https://www.gamemaps.com/details/12956      i don't know who this guy flapjax is,  he isn't the only one that has slapped there name with some of my maps. it was brought to my attention tonight from some friends. there wasn't any help from this guy flapjax on the creation of this campaign.. i really feel the urge to bring this dusty old campaign back out to finish it, to put a solid lock on it so there wont be any more false claims on my campaigns.  To flapjax . thanks buddy for your enthusiasm for my campaigns but next time don't just do copy and paste.

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Version 3.0 Final

  • Mod
    Colt M16A2/CSO2

    Another basic mod on default animations the M16A2 from Counter-Strike Online 2, The flashlight has been moved to the right side like the M16 from Left 4 Dead 2. Includes a HUD icon. To change the hud icon on the weapon panel you will ...

  • Mod
    Zoey in Ellis' clothes

    (Hair, eyes, cap, face, pants, shirt retextures work with this mod!) • Fixed the viewmodel arms stretching weirdly with high FOV. • Last Stand update skeleton, fixing lots of bugs! • sv_intro model . • Bile textures. • Original Zoey...

  • Mod
    AK47 Machine Light

    ported mod for l4d1 mod texture made by: 阿伟 model made by :emanbees enjoy the mod

  • Mod
    M16A2 from Insurgency: Sandstorm

    M16A2 from Insurgency: Sandstorm for Left 4 Dead, Includes a HUD icon. To change the hud icon on the weapon panel you will need to edit the file mod_textures.txt manually found in ..\left 4 dead\left4dead\scripts. "icon_equip_machi...