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Just a person enjoying some of the loveable works posted here for L4D2. I write reviews and feedback for stuffs I've tested, played and enjoyed. Been here since years xD

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    +First of all, great, far beyond decent campaign you got here. The details, the design, the pathing all of it are unique!
    +Amazing work on the scenery, environment and visuals. Love the dark and spooky atmosphere throughout the campaign.
    +A 5 map campaign that's filled with thrilling event, challenging gameplay and unique crescendos.
    +Large campaign with lots of places to explore where players will found supplies, weaponry and other stuffs the author(s) put.
    +Lots of killzone/tight spaces where the SI and Infected can easily overrun/ambush players if they drop their guard down.
    +Cool weather cycle throughout the campaign.
    +A werewolf tank? Now that is original. Nice.
    +Lots of custom props, musics and models. Each one of them are placed to fit perfectly with the environment. And cool voice acting you got there too.
    +Bots navigation are good. Infected and SI spawning are also good.
    +Enough guide/narration to prevent players from confusing or get lost as they move on.
    +Adequate amount of supplies, ammo and weaponry.
    +The finale is okay.


    -Map 3 where the dog food event is, we just thought that it is quite empty where the Weretank shows itself.
    -Map 4 is large and from what we notice, since it is very large, there are some areas and paths look low detailed and also empty other than the other 4 maps. This is our opinion though.
    -Finale can be improve that if you have the time and idea. The design and all is great but like other users said, we can easily escape without fighting any Tanks. It feels kind of short too.
    -And yes, it is a long campaign but like others stated, the differ in map length throughout the campaign should be balanced.


    Overall, my friends and I really enjoy playing this campaign. We took 2 hours and 10 minutes to kill it. We really appreciate all the hard work and efforts the author(s) have put in realizing this campaign. The setting, the environment and everything is creative and unique. Let's not forget about the Weretanks; it is a cool idea and well, fit the setting this campaign is in. Finally, we really hope the author(s) can improved the finale a bit in the next update. Not to say it is boring or anything but if there is room for improvement, why not? Anyway, thanks again for this amazing decent campaign. Really love and enjoy it a lot. All the best for your upcoming updates and projects. Cheers!

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