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  • 10 out of 10... Would Play Again!

    What an incredible new campaign! It's admirable the amount of detail that has been put throughout. More importantly, I didn't experienced any crashes or found noticeable nav mesh errors. Map 6 "The Bridge" is beautiful, I loved the environment and especially the city skybox. I would say that, apart from the continuous storm (which I found a bit annoying) of maps 1 and 2, this campaign is definitely one of the BEST of 2024. Congrats! keep up the good work!

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    Let's Build:Deconstruction 2

    Let's Build: Deconstruction 2, has arrived! Thanks to Rimrook's updated 'Let's Build' system you can now experience a complete single map campaign, featuring... - New 'Let's Build' mechanics. - Lootable corpses. - Upgraded gascans mechan...

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    Let's Build:Deconstruction

    New and final update out now! READ THE CHANGELOG Players must build barricades to protect themselves,loot corpses and research weapons while looking for carparts to complete the car,fuel it and escape the madness.

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    The Park

    New Update 05/16/2013. READ THE CHANGELOG The survivors must find a way out of the city center before things get worse... This is a reworked version of my old map 'The Park' This new update features lots of changes and custom models ...

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    The Last Monastery

    Since 1989 some workers complain about strange voices inside this old monastery that's why they abandon the place until today... Now is the year 2012 and something wrong happen not only the outbreak is a problem inside the old monastery ...

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    State Of Emergency

    The survivors are taking shelter in a abandon country house but the infected will find them sooner or later. Can you Survive the dawn?

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    Road To Nowhere 2

    The 4 Survivors have crash into a police Barricade they found out that there is a town called Greenville that is holding down the infection they must reach out this last standing place before everything goes to hell

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    Beta 8

    Ok guys now the vpk works properly you dont have to type in the console anymore just create a game in the lobby menu hope you enjoy


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