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    A really cool map with some neat scripting, attention to detail. Of course it's the let's build scenario so it's essentially just a finale, you can pour gas to get new weapons, as you can't get any from the map apart from pistols and melee weapons. It can be quite the challenge on expert, I believe it's balanced really well. You search around the map for supplies, although my two nitpicks are that 1: it's too small, and 2: the campaign is too short, I'll be generous and give you four stars because some effort was put in. A short experience so I wouldn't recommend it for long sessions, but neat. Encountered 0 issues too, nice work.
    • I really appreciate your review and also I'm glad you enjoy it. It was basically a test of the new Rimrook's let's build system back in the day and it worked out pretty well it seems. Anyways, I haven't quit mapping so as of right now I'm working on an improved versions of my older maps and a complete revamp of my only campaign Road to Nowhere so hopefully I will be able to release some new content soon.

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Version 2.0 Complete

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