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  • Solid Campaign, with plenty of unique elements.

    Not sure what's up with the overly negative comments and reviews. This campaign isn't half as bad as some make it out to be. Not perfect. But absolutely above average.
    -Unique environments and overall great atmosphere.
    -Sufficient supplies, spread out nicely.
    -Difficulty feels just right.
    -Good directions and mostly great level design.
    -A couple of unique events.
    -No Performance issues since the last update. @bazrael I also have a gtx 970 and it runs absolutely fine. Besides, the CPU is most likely the bottleneck in l4d anyway. 
    Regardless, no issues in any chapter on my end in terms of fps.
    -3rd chapter is a little too dark at times and can be frustrating with the many car alarms. Also, some props make little sense, for example the bumper cars. Which are alarmed btw. lmao 
    -3rd chapter saferoom could use a couple supplies. At least an ammo pile would be nice.
    -The finale is long and tedious. You have to run around a lot because of the spread out objectives. I get that runways are supposed to be huge, but in terms of gameplay it's mostly just annoying.
    -The finale has a weird bug which prevents bot survivors from respawning, should you not make it on the first try. Rescue closets don't help on realism either unfortunately . 
    Overall definately worth a playthrough. The lack of melees is a positive aspect to me, or rather I haven't noticed it. I play all maps with a no melees config because I feel like commons are otherwise a joke. I think it's great someone decided to leave them out of a campaign. Be it by an accident or on purpose.
    Big thanks to the author for making this. It's a fun map a deserves some recognition.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

    • I have played this 12 times.  It does have some issues.  I took a break from this game and I have downloaded again just now.  We will see.

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    • Thank you for your review!

      This comment was posted before the latest release.

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