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Road To F18

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  • kurochama

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    Good but lacks melee & supplies on certain saferoom

    Actually the campaign is good. I could enjoy & sense the thrill because where the horde would come was unpredictable, as well as the SI. One of the main problems is the melee weapons. To defend from horde on open area just with pistol is kind of difficult. Actually it's easy to fix this unavailable melee bug - just delete the "meleeweapons" line on the "roadtof18.txt" inside "missions" folder. The other problem is on map 4. After several tries, I figured out that the way to unlock the code is to press E on the arrows painting on the wall but then horde will come afterwards, along with SI. On the 3rd try, somehow when I entered the correct code, there came twin tanks, followed by other two more after the twins died. After I killed them all, there came two "invisible" tanks. I could only see rocks flying but no tanks appeared - only growling voices.
    On finale, the map is really wide. Even after I turned the instructions on, I had no idea of how to trigger the finale event. I checked both the plane & fuel tank but there was no button to push. After roaming twice, I used my trick to stick to the wall & found the location of the radio at abandoned camp at the corner of the map. During the objective to destroy rocks, somehow the map got rather lagging with fps drop, but after the rocks were destroyed, the fps was back to normal.
    On certain maps, like map 3 & 4, there are no medkits inside saferoom. & when I started from map 4 after an unexpected crash due to a fps drop when staying too long on the grass near the caravan.
    Aside of those drawbacks, this campaign is working & fun. There's no bot navigation error & I found no missing texture during my play. I hope that the melee weapons will be enabled on the next update, & medkits will be added on some saferooms

    This review was posted before the latest release.

    • good review.  I agree with everything you said.....

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