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    BOT - Battle with Ogress Toys

    "We are at the big house!" Coach says it right. The 3 map campaign tries to enchant you with the charm of its hand-painted textures and mouth-blown models. It impresses with blabla and and a lot of farblbarbl. Nah! Why should I describe...

  • 2 Maps
    A Baltic Tale

    The villagers on the Baltic Sea were wating for Christmas as every year. But this time it wasn't Santa who came down the chimney... ...And what exactly came out of it was quite shadowy. Soon the creatures whispered through the entire s...

  • 3 Maps
    Fake (2 maps + a finale of choice)
    Beta 7.8

    WARNING: This campaign is a "concept study" and very unstable. It is big and it is unfinished too. The Source engine is not made for multiple escape vehicles and dimensional switches. I tried it anyways. The first two maps are very big...

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    r.a.t.z.f.a.t.z. - referencing a thousand zombie films at this zurvival This is public nuisance 'plus' a survival map. The setting may be offending to convinced hardcore-FPS-gamers and genre-lovers. The second contest of our group had...

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    Beaver's place

    [Swamp contest entry / 1 map] Take it as an epilogue. You are already sitting inside the escape vehicle but your travel is interrupted by a broken dam. Get out and hike through a flooded recreation site once known as beaver's place... ...


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