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    Thank you! Expert Single Player 1Hr & 5min / 1 Restart

    I did enjoy this work and really impressed me knowing in one of comments below that you did all of that in a month or two because I read all comments before the description XD This is what happens when you are under pressure and you know how to deal with it. Bots navigation was one of the best navigation I could see along my journey while trying those custom maps. They even joined me up there in that small tower that existed by the first panic event. The way to the end was so long and full of panic events, but enough supplies we found along the way. It's hard to try new map for the first time on Expert Single Player, but I guess it's the best way to see if the campaign is really good or screwed with bugs. Some signs or guides were badly needed along the way especially in the area after the car boot thing. I stood there for like 7 minutes trying to pass that tree trunk while the way was actually around it. I hate swamp campaigns because they are harder due to the slow move especially with tank attacks or running to safe room events, but this one was fair enough. 
    That small tank event and Louis who is trapped inside was really brilliant and I thought it is a main event to do in order to have access to something or move further, but it was just a side event. Anyway, I wouldn't leave Louis like that XD Saw Bill earlier dead as usual just like other maps where we find him dead too starting from The passing campaign:) That rope we bull to get some gift or pills was a nice touch too and I even thought it was another panic event to open something, but I just found some pills. The 3rd brilliant event was the tree chopping touch in that open area. It was good enough, but I started to worry more about that level passing because it really got so long for me as Expert Mode. Finding out that It wasn't ending by a safe room due to the fact it was only 1 chapter, but another last panic event to call for rescue, It made me feel so bad because I wasn't sure I would survive it. and even hordes kept coming while we were standing there before starting the event as if we were in a random spot in chapter where hordes and special infected come every 1-2 minutes.
     After calling for rescue, I went to the other side of that building where we can find a ladder to fight from there those who would climb from there and to shoot those who are coming from far away from those stairs. But Upon reaching that spot, I and bots got incapacitated because of some kind of fire that hit all of us. Really Really bad feeling after coming through all of these panic events and tank fights by the first time to die like that. Tried again and stood in a middle spot between both sides of the building till the first tank came over and it was during hordes attack that never stopped which made it harder especially after all bots fell in no time.. I kept running and shooting zombies and set tank on fire and didn't imagine that the rescue would come sooner than it is supposed to be in common finale chapters after 2 tanks 2 big hordes. I didn't even expect that the rescue was coming from that area and I was lucky enough to be running in that area to see that something is opened and a way to outside that oiled infested with zombies area to see Francis riding that tractor XD and tank was chasing with more zombies. It was really crazy and I took a long turn around the bushes outside till the rescue vehicle stopped and tank was about to get me with a rock, but it hit a zombie XD and Jockey was way too close to me, but I hopped into the tractor trailer. Yes, you made it shorter to make up for the long way to rescue spot and to make it both, 1 chapter campaign and a chapter that ends with a rescue calling event. 1 Star is off for the long chapter and the annoying death for unknown reason for me and bots. Hope to see more of your work. Good Luck

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