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To the edge of the universe and back. Endure and survive.

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    Global Radar

    This mod contains the "Global Radar Collection" for L4D2. The mod allows you to "detect" (with a new alert on the HUD) items or infected that are near you. It also tells you how far away from them you are. The provided ZIP contains sepa...

  • Mod
    C-17 Globemaster

    The Boeing C-17 Globemaster III is a military transport jet developed for the USAF by McDonnell Douglas in the 1980-90s. Today, it comes to L4D2 main campaigns (and also custom ones) as a replacement for the C-130. I did that as a test, ...

  • Mod
    180 HD Molotov Cocktails

    This mods adds 180 HD Molotov Cocktails skins in L4D2 (that are random per map*) with HD Light Reflections for each one of them. It also adds 30 new rags skins that are also random and glowing in dark texture fire effect for the rags. Th...


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