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    C&C RA3 Worldbuilder

    This development toolset is used by Electronic Arts designers to create single-player missions and multiplayer maps for Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, and now it’s available to you. The fully-featured 3D environment gives you complete v...

  • Map
    Riverside Rumble Redux

    Red Alert 3 Skirmish map created from the original C&C 3 Tiberium Wars map. The map has been made into a 4 player version with lots of assets and mining oportunities. Naval construction is disabled so its an all-out Air & Land conflict. ...

  • Map
    Tsunami Redux

    Each player will start off on his or her own private island (4 total). This is a great map for those that like to have long naval battles. Tip: Money will be consumed quickly, make sure you monitor your resources and don't over spend. It...

  • Map
    Operation Prison Break

    This is a mission map, you will play as the Empire of the Rising Sun against the Allies. It is a Co-op mission map, which is heavily reliant on teamwork. Without teamwork, you won't make it to the end. Be smart and lead the Empire to vic...

  • Map
    DC Uprising

    DC Uprising is possibly my favourite RA2 map which is why I decided to make it for RA3. This map is good for all vs all matches and each position offers different advantages. Each player starts with the usual 2 Ore Nodes and has 1 nearby...



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