Red Canyon

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Version 1.0 Complete

  • Map
    Tiberium Steppes

    Located in a verdant valley, this four-player map offers a small initial base area with a bit of tiberium and a Tiberium Spike, Expansion is the key, there are plenty of green tiberium fields and a few blue ones. The map is centered wit...

  • Map
    Isles of Dread

    Unless you plan to build directly onto the path leading out of the base, which is still a viable rush strategy - just slightly less so, you're only going to have room for power, one or two refineries and your first war factory. Hopefully...

  • Map
    Redzone Haze

    Somewhere deep in a Redzone, wars have been waged in this sector for decades. This map is themed like Redzone Rampage, but will offer more Tiberium and new features such as Tiberium Bridges!

  • Map
    Rumble in the Jungle

    This is a 4 player Team oriented map featuring a running river, lush jungles surroundign expansion fields, and plenty of spikes in each corner. Note that the river prevents access to the spike sin the Northwest unless you use Air Transpo...

  • Map
    Demon Rock

    A highly detailed map set in a Yellow zone valley with two bases right infront of each other, each base has 4 Tiberium fields and Two entrances, the front entrance leads under a bridge to the enemy base, the back entrance allows access t...



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