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Version 1 Final

  • Map
    Beta N/A

    New aztec spin on an old favourite. Similar to fy_snow but much more mental and crazy. Many a ruction to be seen. Intended for some fun using bots in offline mode. Provided some good laughs for me and some friends due to the mental pace...

  • Map
    | Complex |
    Beta N/A

    - Bomb/Defuse (classic) CT- Defends site A&B against Attackers. Terrorists can plant the bomb @ the office side or @ the hazardous facility. - The map features a mix of CQB & open spaces that offer a variety of combat. Long range enga...

  • Map
    Danger Zone:dz_csgoworld
    Beta N/A

    This is a map of Danger Zone; Console:game_mode 0;game_type 6;map dz_csgoworld This map is the largest one of all over the CSGO maps, it is four times the size of dz_blacksite/dz_sirocco, to make it as possibly as an openworld; The ma...

  • Map
    Beta N/A

    This map is meant to be played in 5vs5 competitive matches. It features two bombsites: an easier and open one (A), and a harder one (B). There is a middle path close to A and an access downside B on the roof vents. The use of smoke on B ...

  • Map
    Drug Bust (Co-op Strike Adventure)

    As a DEA agent, your job is to infiltrate the home of drug lord El Chapo to end his illegal wealth. Sneak through the night as you work alone or as a team to figure out a way to break into his vault. With armed guards, hidden keys, chall...