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Version 2.0 Complete

  • Mod
    Classic Windows Hitsound + Killsound

    The classic error chime that everyone familiar with the Windows 9x days came to have engraved into their skulls, turned into a TF2 hitsound with the Windows 3.x startup "TADA" as killsound. For installation, simply drop the VPK into you...

  • Map
    dr delay
    Beta N/A

    This is my first fully functional map. This is a deathrun map created by me. (Bread, id/Jaime_F) Map features - A motivator AFK Killer for both teams Runner for the activator 3 Eastereggs (One being a music room) 4 Endings (Instant win...

  • Map
    Trade Pretence Beta 5
    Beta N/A

    Beta 5 of trade pretence, now with double the content, bug fixes and plenty of zelda related easter eggs, along with most of the old content :3 Ill leave you the user to discover most of this maps features for yourself, however to menti...

  • Map

    Stonebridge has the control point on a covered bridge in the middle of a map, spanning a shallow ditch. There are underground passages on either side of the map that give classes that work behind the frontlines a safe way to get around, ...