City of the Dead (L4D Version)

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  • SerenityRose

    Posted this review


    fun and great finale

    upsides: a fun map to play through, great finale. little ways to get lost.
    downsides: none (i couldn't find anything wrong with this map unlike before.)
    I give it a 5 out of 5 stars a map worth playing over and over again by yourself or with friends
    Recommended Difficulties: Normal Advance Expert (a fun map and one that can be challenging in a good way.)

    This review was posted before the latest release.

    • I've released an update and the map should be working much better now. I hope you'll consider replaying the map and updating your review. Thanks.

      This comment was posted before the latest release.

    • It crashed because you didn't have the stuff required for it. That's my fault for not making it clearer how to get it. I'm not that bothered by the review, I just wanted to point it out. If you do play it again I hope you have a better experience with it.

      This comment was posted before the latest release.

    • the one star isn't just cuz of the missing link it's cuz of the glitch intro and crashes when i play a map to review i give it a fair score i don't half ass it so if things like glitch intros or glitch finale make it hard or impossible to beat or even play i also take in account if the map makes the game crash and when it crashes i'm sorry if you don't like the rating i gave it but i don't hold back however i did said that i will give it another shot once the glitches and crashes are worked out. but til then i have to be truthful with how it was and for me the intro glitch and when i try playing from the second map i didn't get far til it crash me. if did crash on the second map then i would at least gave it 2 stars but since that's what happen i put one.

      This comment was posted before the latest release.

    • I think it's a bit unfair to rate it one star because you couldn't find the download which is on the External Link/Mirror when you click download as is said in the description. I've put another link to the stuff you need to download for this map in the changelog.

      This comment was posted before the latest release.

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