[Tank music] Rob Zombie - Spookshow Baby (Black Leather Cat Suit Mix)

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[L4D] Rob Zombie ...

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Version 1.0 Complete

  • Mod
    War-dog Bill (Left 4 Dead edition)

    This skin for Bill is a port for the first L4D. I know of another port on GameMaps but that mod doesn't work, so I decided to upload my own version :D

  • 5 Maps
    SaltHell Park (L4D1 Port)

    This is a port of the "SaltHell Park" campaign from L4D2. Port is not an exact copy of the original, various changes have been made to it to work in L4D1. Thanks: • Hypnocyst - for the original L4D2 campaign. Link to original: h...

  • Guide
    Fastest way to install any mods in L4D1!

    Most people think installing or modding L4D1 is hard but in reality it's really easy! This guide will help you to install any L4D mods the easiest way! Step 1: Unpacking the Main VPK Step 1.1 Download GCFScape this application is need ...

  • Mod
    Codename CURE - Main Menu Theme Replacement

    I do NOT own those images about it Images: 1. Military Metal Texture from Adobe Stock 2. Codename CURE Logo from SteamGridDB Apps I use: ibisPaint X L4D2 Port Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3...