Smoker without Tongue

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  • ClaixW420

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    This is Broken.

    ...Don't Download it, it's invisible, and it was a broken, terrible, awful mod. and now it's really F**CKED up! so DON'T. download!

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smoker without to...

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Version 1.0 Final

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    Left 4 Dead - Yakuza 0 inspired Intro

    Custom intro featuring Yakuza 0's intro theme combined with Left 4 Dead's intro and The Sacrifice teaser trailer. I originally made it for myself but I might as well upload it here for all of you. I'm still new to editing and cre...

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    Swamp Fever: L4D1 Edition

    This is a port of Swamp Fever to the original Left 4 Dead for the HardA server. This is not an exact port of the campaign and has some changes to ensure stability and compatibility. All assets required are included in the VPK ensuring...

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    Outrun (L4D1 Port)

    Welcome to Outrun City! Here is a Retrowave/Synthwave campaign fit for all asthetic needs. The owner of an old arcade has gone missing, after exploring the arcade you find something much more sinister... 1. Use the tools to build...

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    DEAD TRIGGER (common infected)

    Incredible mod that replaces the common infected brought thanks to the great creator ฿ØⱠ₮Ø₭¹⁷³ึ all credits to him. I will never be nor believe I am the owner of this mod Thank you all very much and let's keep this great left 4 de...