The Cremator's Touch (BB & Flamethrower version)

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  • Cbast

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The Cremators Tou...

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Version 1 Complete

  • Mod
    Eranthis' Heavy Voice
    Beta N/A

    An alternate take on the Heavy's voice and character. WARNING: This mod only covers quotes compatible with Mann Versus Machine. More updates will be made for all other game modes and cosmetic specific quotes. Face posing will also not w...

  • Map

    This Map was the 2nd Minecraft map i started over a year ago. since river was created for a smaller server, town was crated a lot bigger to fit for many more people. however since we hardly have that many people on our testing server ver...

  • Map
    Party Centre
    Beta N/A

    A big map where entertainment is born, be a star in the stage-act: Assault on Coal Town Museum. Backstory Time: "Saxton Hale was busy watching Youtube videos about TF2/Loudouts, and he though about the idea for Mann Co.: Entertainment...