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Zombie Movie Without Name!

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Version 2.0 Final


  • Mod

    Globally Offensive Autoshotgun

    This addon makes the default autoshotgun resemble the XM1014 from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive by using some parts from the CS:GO model and some from the default autoshotgun model. This fits in the survivors hands better than csgo's ...

  • Mod
    • New

    Ishowspeed Hunter SFX

    replaces the hunters SFX into ishowspeed yes this has some random beeps in it. try to ignore them yes i did make this acc just to publish this (and i think ill make more)

    • New
  • Mod

    E3 2008 Pistol Fire

    This is a recreation of the E3 2008 Pistol firing sound, which was the Early 2008 sound combined with retail- if not something very close. You can hear it in the Left 4 Dead - WIP #1 version of the Cinematic Intro trailer! Enjoy, those o...

  • Mod

    Li Dailin and Jenny Sinclair Sprays

    Этот аддон добавляет спреи персонажей Ли Дайлин и Дженни Синклер из игры Black Survival Как использовать: Перейди в «Параметры» -> «Сетевой режим» -> «Спрей» -> Выбери понравившуюся Тян This addon adds sprays of characters Li Dailin an...

  • Mod

    [Random Tank music] Metal Gear Rising: Revengea...

    Addon replaces the standard Tank music from the game Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Uses boss themes that I liked (Almost all). Includes: 1. Rules of Nature (Metal Gear Ray); 2. The Only Thing I Know For Real (Sam); 3. I’m My Own...