L4D1 Zoey Military Style

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  • Shederekan

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    I love this mod!!

    This mod is excellent, she's beatiful, thanks for sharing this mod :D
    And  for edit in pak01_dir follow this changelog:
    -- change this -------------------- to this ---------------lines-- ÿÿsurvivor_teenangst-> ÿÿsurvivor_teenangsd--->(42217/42741/42929/43044) ÿÿsurvivor_teenangst.dx90 --->ÿÿsurvivor_teenangsd.dx90--->(42741)
    ÿÿv_teenangst ------------->ÿÿv_teenangsd-->(42217/42741/42931/43044) ÿÿv_teenangst.dx90 -----------> ÿÿv_teenangsd.dx90-------->(42741)
    ÿÿv_arm_teengirl --------->ÿÿv_arm_teengird--------->(42746/42931/43045) ÿÿv_arm_teengirl.dx90--------> ÿÿv_arm_teengird.dx90------>(42741)

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Version 2.0 Complete

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