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Brain 4 Dead

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  • SerenityRose

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    good map but Glitchy finale

    so this map was great to play I did get lost a few times but overall still fun.
    that being said the low point was the finale it starts just fine and is still fun but when it comes time to escape the escape vehicle (which I'm guessing is a chopper.) doesn't show up and the door doesn't open no matter how many times you hit the switch I even look around to see if there was anything that I was supposed to do to open it and there was nothing and I even waited to see if it'll open if the chopper came but there was nothing well until I nocliped to the area and found that the chopper was Invisible and the bots didn't enter it.
    all in all, I give it 3 stars cuz it was a fun map but since the finale was glitchy I didn't get to finish it,

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