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    + Amazing detail!
    + Running water from the roof on the electric water part was a great touch.
    + Good campaign idea.
    + Collapsing saferoom floor.
    + Well placed and spread ammo and weapons.
     +Long, but not too long chapters.
    + Great lighting in most spots.
    + Poster of Left 4 Dead comic clippings (beginning and end posters / images).


    - Forklift doesn't make much sense, but not a very bad thing.
    - In the truck area, direction was a bit unclear at first, but again not anything too bad.
    - There's some FPS (frames per second) lag when the ceiling collapsed on first area.
    - Bots have trouble on the ladder to the roof.
     -Strange dialogue that doesn't make much sense.
    - A bit too dark during the horde after you hack the security.


    The campaign seems to be coming together nicely as the updates come out. I will continue to update my reviews until the final review when the final campaign is released. As for the large crates that move during the ceiling collapse of Map 1, maybe the author could make part of the ceiling over the boxes also collapse? The falling rubble could move the boxes out of the way and still make sense. Also, the collapsing saferoom floor was nice, I'd recommend clipping out the edges so no Survivors will get stuck above and having to take damage.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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    City 17 (Versus+NAV Fix)

    original map by mixmedia details/2406 I remake map 1,2,4 nav to fix no horde spawn area issue