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    *Very well detailed.
    *Good if you just want a quick burst of L4D goodness.
    *Multiple routes.


    *Hordes can spawn and attack before anyone has moved from the starting area.
    *Bots had to teleport sometimes to reach some outdoor areas. This happened most when a smoker pulled a survivor up a hill.
    *Bots had trouble opening rescue closet doors.
    *Some of the water in the tunnels section changed appearance when looking at it from different angles, as if the brush underneath it was nodrawed then not.
    *No finale music.
    *Finale is very easy, even on higher difficulties. You jsut have to stay in the room with the radio.
    *Bots sometimes had trouble picking up first aid kits in the finale area.


    A pretty good map. I can understand the need for 2 maps when this was made several years ago. With the changes to L4D since then, this could be updated to only need the 1 map. L4D updates since this map's release could be the reason for some of the cons listed.

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