Saving Private ZAWMBIE

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    - Everything as far as the .vpk, add-on image, and loading poster was well designed and is working (the military hats on the survivors were cleaver, aha).
    - This idea of a military bunker is something not as common for a map; and the custom props you included just brought the whole theme to life. 
    - The bunkers look alright; their design is real vague and unrealistic in a sense compared to other bunkers. 
    - Good amount of supplies, definitely enough for a good survival run (if you can find the right spot). 


    - I don't want to say the pictures shown here are edited or enhanced, but the map doesn't seem to look as good in game; the lighting isn't nearly the same at all (it's brighter, and you cannot see any light in the bunker like the picture posted). 
    - The navigation mesh seemed buggy and should have be improved (tanks glitched in the bunkers, and zombies fail to climb the ropes most of the time).
    - I don't know if the ropes were the right way to go about getting up the cliff side; they are rather awkward, and you wouldn't think a zombie would have the mental capacity to know how to climb a rope. 
    - The beach sand texture is meant for underwater sand, it doesn't look right. Other textures could have been placed better, but what was used is suitable. 
    - You would think since it is military themed map, there would for sure be turrets, but there are none, not even in the bunkers. Not sure what's up with that. 
    - There are little to no spots to survive comfortably, all the areas are either wide open, or unjustly enclosed, making it difficult to have a good game. 
    - While you're up top the cliff, you can just watch the zombies spawn right basically from the water, not a good setup, could have made it more foggy to hide that, or had them come from the side beaches.
    - When you start the survival via the radio, all the survivors let out their death screams, which is unwanted and gets pretty annoying after a few plays.
    - Could have used a more creative title design, aha. 


    - This map has a theme which should make any map a good one, but I don't think this maps harnesses the powerful potential a military themed map should. Sure, this map had the custom models needed, and they were placed well, but the main design of the map seemed rather quick, choppy, and just plain not right. I would have liked to see a lot more details in the map, and better lighting. The map had a skybox, which no map should be without, but even that wasn't one hundred percent correct; you could clearly see where the map ended and the skybox started. I assure you, when you go to play this map you will more then likely be disappointed. I probably would not recommend this map, it's just not complete at all (although the author feels that way) and there just isn't any fun in this map design. 

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