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Version 2.1 Final


  • Mod

    Pain Pills Reborn

    Yog's improved pain pills reborn bottle with a HD label. Installation: Use either of these install guides. GameInfo Method: How to CORRECTLY install mods Addons Method: Fastest way to install any mods in L4D1! I also recomme...

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    L4D1 Combine Ordinal [HL:A] Replace Bill

    L4D1 Combine Ordinal [HL:A] Replace Bill FEATURES -fp arms -jiggle bones (cloth, backpack, radio) -bile texture -vgui icons -glowing eyes CREDITS: Model: ฿ØⱠ₮Ø₭¹⁷³ L4D1 port : Xavi Rate, Comment, Enjoy. Your feedback...

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    Beta Pipe-bomb Functions

    I think I might be the first person to discover this. So, when I was looking through the weapons soundscripts I found some text in "PipeBomb.TimerBeep" and removed the text to see what happens. This was the result. This does nothi...

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  • Mod

    Kokoro Succubus Dead or Alive 5


    Kokoro Succubus Dead or Alive 5, only in third person, I did not find animation errors but if there are any, report them in the comments, enjoy the mod and have fun, change in the future for now it is a beta version.