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    Glitch? The second plank of wood that you walk on crumbles. You can still walk across by seemingly walking on air, but you have to be pretty specific on where you step.
    Glitch? Bill somehow got up to the roof on the first building and hung there until he died because I had no means to getting to him.
    AI was unhelpful when they weren't glitched. I had gotten jumped, somehow, by a witch outside of the first building. Francis just stood in the corner for a few minutes before thinking to help me up.
    Been said before, but way too many hordes in map 1. They just kept coming and coming one after another and the hordes were long as well. With Bill hung up and Zoey inexplicably dying from who knows what, I just ended up quitting. Francis and I just couldn't handle the hordes and any effort to just plow through them failed. 


    I really just wanted to leave a comment because I ended up quitting so soon. I don't like to leave reviews when I have such a small glimpse into the campaign, but if you want a review, you got one. If you have a lot of patience, this map sounds like it'd be a lot of fun. But you get so flooded with hordes than even on easy mode it tries your patience.

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