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Version 0.1 Complete

  • Mod
    Beta-Style Auto Shotgun

    Attempts to reskin the auto shotgun back to an earlier iteration. There's a lot less footage and screenshots of the auto shotgun than there is of the other weapons, but I did the best I could given what we have. See this for instal...

  • Mod
    Terror-Strike hud

    "This hud was made out of interest, and somehow I won't finish it, as it was an experimental interest." I made this hud in 3 days. It consists of 2 huds: original 2008 hud and 2007 hud mod. This is my idea and my vision of how the hud of...

  • Mod
    TLS Hunting Rifle

    The TLS hunting rifle from Left4Dead 2, Comes in 5 variants with 4 skins to mix and match, The base addons has a higher quality version of the default skin, too use one of the other included skins a base addon is required and a skin addo...

  • Mod
    L4D1 Zoey - The Aftermath

    A scrounged-together, though modern look for Zoey, in which she dons a tough bomber jacket, a somewhat abraded body stocking and short, practical boots -- all in addition to a sturdier belt on which she can rely for protection. Also pres...

    • Updated


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