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Version 1.0 Beta

  • 5 Maps
    Fairfield Terror: TRS No Mercy Remake (L4D1)

    THIS IS THE OFFICIAL DOWNLOAD PAGE FOR FAIRFIELD TERROR, DEVELOPED AND PUBLISHED BY DAYS OF TERROR. Fairfield Terror is a fan-made remake of Turtle Rock Studio's original No Mercy, the game studio that owned the rights for Left 4 Dead...

  • Guide
    The 'Nothing Special' Achievement Guide

    The "Nothing Special" achievement is one of the hardest awards to win in Left 4 Dead. In order to win this elusive achievement, 4 players have to complete a co-op campaign with no one taking damage from any special infected: i.e hunters,...

  • 4 Maps
    Roadkill (L4D1 Port)

    Following from crash course, Francis, Zoey, Bill and Louis find themselves trapped on a highway junction, fighting for freedom! A new 4 map campaign from Lou Saffire with awesome versus gameplay ! Game Modes: Coop, Versus *IMPORTA...



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