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  • Guide
    Silent Hill Campaign - Walkthrough Guide

    Introduction To get a concise overview of this guide, simply refer to the red OBJECTIVES provided in each chapter. If you find those basic hints insufficient for progressing through a chapter, delve into the more comprehensive sections. ...

  • Mod
    Oceangate to the Rescue! (Death Toll Boat Repla...

    Implodey mc plodey! Now you and ur 3 friends can see the depths of riverside! Don't forget a controller, im serious the battery inside the one is nearly dying, its generic pc controllers only. Playstation and Xbox won't work. So hope you...

  • Guide
    Como poner mods Sin editar el pak01_dir facil y...

    Intro ;) de guia de poner mods mas facil que nunca ;) Hola tu que estas buscando una manera facil de instalar mods si ? pues si eso es lo que buscas y tu respuesta es si estas en el lugar indicado :) lo unico que tienes que hacer es m...

  • Mod
    Layer Panel HUD v2 + New Crosshair

    Crosshair of Salum Mod de Wolphin y Letoa_Wilson:

  • 5 Maps
    Night Terror (Fixed Version)

    This is a fixed version of the Night Terror campaign. The original campaign was released a long time ago and during that time I didn't find anyone fixing the issues I didn't like, so I went about it myself. The following was done: • ...

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