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Blue Bikini Zoey L4D1

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Version 3 Complete


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    Beta Styled Medkit

    Always heal your teammates first After a few hours I can tell you that this is almost final product and so bringing back the medkit as it was in the beta version of L4D1. I know there's better ones that mine, I just want to people kno...

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  • Mod

    [Tank music] Red Sun

    Replaces standart Tank music with the Sundowner theme from the game Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

  • Mod

    Theuaredead's TRS Zoey Head + Retail Body

    This ports the TRS Zoey head + Retail Body that Theuaredead made for L4D2 to the rightful place! Credits: ED_Silenced - Porting the mod Theuaredead - Original creator Ceno - Publisher/VGUI Editor