Brumak Armored Tank

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Version 1.0 Complete

  • 5 Maps
    City 17 (Versus+NAV Fix)

    original map by mixmedia details/2406 I remake map 1,2,4 nav to fix no horde spawn area issue

  • Guide
    Como poner mods Sin editar el pak01_dir facil y...

    Intro ;) de guia de poner mods mas facil que nunca ;) Hola tu que estas buscando una manera facil de instalar mods si ? pues si eso es lo que buscas y tu respuesta es si estas en el lugar indicado :) lo unico que tienes que hacer es m...

  • Mod
    Gascan HD

    mod that improves gas can textures for a better HD experience all respective credits to the creator of the mod and textures: мяFunreal I make this port for the left 4 dead 1 community, I would never want to imply that I am the crea...

  • 4 Maps
    Down The Drain (L4D Port)

    When survivors escaped the grasp of infected with a boat they have been searching for other people for days. After long time they ran out of fuel in a nearby canyon and they need to find a civilization to escape the situation there are o...

    • New
  • 5 Maps
    Clamtol: Dead Air

    However, this isn't one of those cheap conversions that stick a few ladders in, throw some new items in and say 'Hey I'm new!'. I am adding 33-50% more gameplay area to each map, with a focus on versus SI fun.