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    - Nice atmosphere
    - Map 1's rainstorm literally made me want to look for a shelter in game.
    - Did you use color correction on map 2? The feeling is very desolate. Well done
    - The finale was gauntlet-type but not too easy nor too hard
    - Not too hard to find out what way to go
    - For some reason, there were no parts that bored me
    - Items were pretty scarce and that's good. We needed campaigns where items weren't all over the place.
    - I liked the decontamination shower tent. Nice addition.


    - The storms on map 1 were a little too frequent but I'm not sure that's something you control anyway
    - The bots had difficulties here and there, but I don't take that into account since you should be playing this game with humans
    - A little too short
    - Minor detail: one area you see water dripping from the ceiling, but no water sound
    - At the finale, it wasn't immediately clear where to go towards the end


    This is a very well done campaign. I recommend it to everyone. I haven't played it in VS so I don't know how that is, but in CoOp it's really good. Not too hard, not too easy yet very entertaining.
    Solid campaign. 

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