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  • hedleyLamar

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    Some really clever stuff here - most importantly, it is fun!

    The details and build quality of this short campaign is almost spot on.  The paths and architecture is a little linear at times, but you will find some nice visuals close to the super high quality customs, and a somewhat unique look.  What makes this really shine are the custom set-pieces: reloading the artillery canon, ax to chop through barricades, crowbars to pry doors open, a narcotics lab, etc - really clever stuff.  There are a couple of dialog choices that don't add up: they are in the Florida keys, but keep talking about how cold it is, and there seems to be a lot of repetition in the dialogue that queues up, but most everything works here.   In my run, I found the supplies to be sufficient and the navigation to be intuitive and natural.  I really like this piece of work - its a keeper.

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