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Haunted Forest

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  • Stranded in Transylvania
  • Reach the Escape Boat
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  • kurochama

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    Good old campaign to play with bots & friends

    Played this campaign & I finished it in about 40 minutes. This is an old but cool & fun campaign about exploration through woods. There are some ghosts here but they only show up without harming survivors. The supplies here are enough & bot's navigation is fine. Although some areas are explorable, directions & highlights are clear so there's no need to worry about getting lost in the woods.
    Map 1 is about exploration through woods & sewer. Some areas are explorable with supplies scattered somewhere, so it's worth exploring for awhile to look for supplies. As it's outdoor exploration with trees along the way most of the time, it give advantages to special infected to give some surprise attack from behind a tree, so rushing alone is not really recommended as it will make you an easy target for special infected.
    Map 2 goes from the mansion to the woods. There are also some explorable areas here. Near the end of the map, there's an escape event. Though there will be a survivor saying about turning off the alarm, actually it's simply an escape event to the saferoom without an alarm switch. So, just keep running instead.
    In map 3, survivors explore inside a mansion. For those who ever played "Night Terror" custom campaign, this map will remind them about certain area in that campaign as it has similar atmosphere, like a mansion & some ghosts. There's nothing special here, as survivors only need to explore the mansion to find the way to the saferoom.
    Then in map 4, survivors try to escape from the mansion through the woods & cemetery. It's a rather long escape finale. It's not just a simple linear escape finale, as at certain areas survivors need to find some ladders to climb up & down to proceed while zombies are chasing from any possible directions. Bile bomb is needed here to make things easier to pass, so keep one until the rescue music is played.
    In short, it's an old but gold campaign. It's recommended to play, as it's playable with either bots or other players without problem. It's worth putting this campaign into collections.

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