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retired modder planning his wedding. been out of the game for years now but now and again mods might trickle out of my personal collection that I mod for myself

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    • The comment was removed by the publisher

    • I am the author check my page here and on the workshop the author took it down because it was stolen so take this down immediately -_-
    • I swear I didn't steal it. Even if you have a similar mod, I assure you I didn't copy it,
      The author deleted the workshop mod.
    • Hello, it was not my intention to steal your work. The truth was that the mod was in Steam Workshop,
      I downloaded
      but the author deleted it for unknown reasons.
      Fortunately I still had the mod downloaded.
      So I decided to upload it again, but here in Gamemaps.
    • write Ratman_84 to remove it. But first. prove copyright.

Published Items

  • Mod
    hd phone animated

    redid the phones textures and added animated textures. it really fleshes out the game with tan, black, and red phones

  • Mod
    7eleven grocery store

    a little notch of realism for our favorite zombie smashing game don't have much time for moding these days, but hoping to get back in and release a mod or two every other month

  • Mod
    re2 animated healthbars

    just something I made to go with the re2 campaign coming out soon.. as your health falls to green to yellow and to red the heartbeat gets faster and faster looks the best with Eranthis' Custom Healthbars, so after much trial and error I...

  • Mod
    zombie realism (r.e.2 style)

    infected now act like true infected from zombie movies,books, games etc. where they are extremely hard to kill without a head shot, unless you use a powerful weapon like a sniper or melee against them. it also slows them down slightly, j...

  • Mod
    realistic: dead animal pack

    replaces 3 of the dead ragdolls and some props that are on the maps with a few animals to make it a little more realistic. animals added: -cat -dog -crow -dead rats -dead birds -dead raccoon

  • Mod
    equipable pick-ups

    lets you epuip the gascans, oxytanks,propane,fireworks and cola like normal items. When you pick them up the tanks/propane/fireworks go in the pipe bomb slot and as for the cola it goes in the pills slot

  • Mod
    15 weapon realism in all official campaigns

    this will let you use all 15 weapons in ALL official campaigns. This mod supports all 9 official melee weapons(not counting the knife or riot shield). and 6 new realism ones from my weapon pack mods. 'Host a local game and if anyone's ...

  • Mod
    ultimate extra melee weapons pack

    this mod adds several extra skins/mods for the melee weapons so it doesn't always look like your picking up the same thing: mods includes: 1+ guitar skins, wood bat, kitchen knife, pot, skyrim katana, and the boxing gloves as seperate we...

  • Mod
    improved Weapons

    limits the ammos for the pistol class, and fixes ammo classes for the p90 and the beretta 93r. the melee weapons and the beretta are also now incap weapons, like an ordinary pistol. Adds recoil to most weapons and makes the m60 reloada...

  • Mod
    limited reload ammo

    cuts down on the reload ammo to improve gameplay... when used with my improved weapon script this limits the pistols ammo and the smg class basically no longer exist. If you don't want to use my weapon script below with it though, you sh...

  • Mod
    re style ammo pickup

    an ammo box made to look like the ones from re1-4 for the upcomming campaign. also includes a prefab for limited ammo pickups, that might be used in the campaign, inside the vpk for mappers who want to try it out. btw I know the box...

  • Mod
    carl's Jr (burgertank) beta
    Beta N/A

    makes burgertanks into a carl's jr. for the realism stuff on this site... things to come: -I'm planning on swapping the tables and chairs -probably a new soda fountain skin that includes mr. pibb -a hd cashregister skin with a carls j...

  • Mod
    anime tattoo boards

    replaces the tattoos with cool anime ones I found... this didn't exactly turn out the way I wanted it to, but it's acceptable I guess... anyways I hope you guys like it


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