zombie realism (r.e.2 style)

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    Better idea than dropping a horde of infected with a single pistol clip.
    Adds tension, ammunition COUNTS.
    crazy cool gory attacks by zombies.


    Doesn't really work that well with the way the original game is designed to be played.  Shot to the head doesn't work out perfect when 100 infected are charging in.
    Quick Death by flames idea doesn't stack up with dumb AI bots  or probably players either.


    Remember that scene from Dawn of the Dead (either one) where they are surrounded and barely escape?  I don't think the people in those movies would last 30 minutes here.  On some maps even on Easy don't expect to get too far.
    You will do ok on maps which have less infected.  
    I don't mind running out of ammo at all.  Frankly, I think the game normally gives players too much stuff. 
    The zombies move slower, about 50% slower.   Although, the built-in game animations make some of them look like they are contestants for Roller Disco.  
    Unfortunately the way that left 4 Dead play is set up, it's not very compatible with super tough zombies.  If nothing else, it makes using mele weapons the only real way to play.
    When an entire yard of zombies decides to attack, you will have your hands full.  Oh, and that is probably right before a random horde event too, leaving you with about 70 zombies at point blank range you have to kill by shooting them in the head.  Don't try this on a map with gauntlet!  
    Players also take more damage from zombies and MASSIVE DAMAGE from stuff like fire (as-in you will die almost immediately).  When playing with bots, they routinely walk into flames and die right away.  The next bot goes in to help them and they die too.   The fire damage is WAY TOO HIGH.  Yes, it may be realistic but that doesn't make it good game play.  I can see someone losing 50% of their health by entering flames for a moment but to just kill them is a major minus for this mod.  Fix the fire damage and the mod is an 8.
    It's a great idea.  Probably the only way it would really work is with fewer zombies than the game/Maps actually dish out, and few bosses thrown in.  As it is, due to the difference in the zombie strength and the way the game provides physical damage you will witness some very strange  sights.  A zombie attacks with half his head blown off, a zombie attacks with no arms, a zombie attacks with out stretched arms with NO HEAD!  
    I like the mod.  It's a cooler idea than the original way of dropping a zombie with a two pistols shots.  I think it would work better in some sort of campaign/Mod that was designed to use it (If the designers could reduce the number of Zombies and bosses).   Otherwise, you end up being surrounded.   The fire damage needs to come down. 
     Great work by Ferretsshadow, almost fit a square peg in a round hole.

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