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Short message because of character limit: Please don't re-upload my works unchanged to here or other places. Please don't re-release my stuff with minor texture edits. Please don't re-use my models in a broken state (such as lost the original normals / "smoothing groups" / edge splits). Please always credit the original authors.

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    -Custom models and textures everywhere
    -Lots of atmosphere. Creative safe rooms and intro, huge vistas, very good drawdistance and very little distance fog.
    -Performs well on my not-so-beastly computing machine, for its high-ish level of detail.
    -Multiple paths that players will actually take
    -Not really any bad gameplay created by the campaign itself, all the faults I run into are general faults of the game it was put in (boomer-bile + running event = borefest).
    -Weapon and item placement makes sense.
    -Not giving the godlike weapons until very late is a nice change of pace.
    -There seem to be references to the L4D world all over the place (Help the victims of Pennsylvania? Is that what it sort-of says on the bus stop signs?)


    -Coach bot got stuck in the church door mechanism and we had to kill him.
    -Very little dialogue, yet so much going on around the survivors.
    -It's just TOO epic, dark, gritty, and real. Using the L4D2 survahvuhs here is like printing an epic poem in Comic Sans MS... is this why there's a distinct lack of them speaking?
    -Boomer bile turns the running gauntlet events into sight seeing tours, way too many boomer biles for how much that item simply shuts-off the difficulty of the game.
    -The soft-focus effect in the final safe room hurts me and my teammates' eyes.
    -These are all MINOR complaints in an otherwise spectacular campaign.


    This campaign has heart, it has a lot of heart. It's all atmosphere, without much change in the gameplay at the later levels of the campaign, so it's still fun, but in the beginning levels you need to watch your ammo (which I got over pretty fast). Every scene is like a photograph, and there aren't any real negatives introduced in the gameplay.

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Published Items

  • Mod
    All Teen Angst Zoey (arms rig fixes)

    This is an updated version with fixes to its "arms rig". Without going into detail, that lets you use custom items without "stripes" on the screen. Credit to Arby26 for the original model and Crowbait and Zetnus for their fixes. Copyrigh...

  • Mod

    I just noticed I haven't uploaded these yet Replaces pistols with glocks. Model and texture made by tigg. Made texture a bit more dirty by arby26.

  • Mod
    Default SMGs Re-animated

    Different set of animations for the two SMGs. Brand new: -Draw -Shoot -Idle -Idle aiming up/down -Running -Reload -Melee -Doesn't include helping hand/item grab animations ATM since I barely ever see them in practice and don't really car...

  • Mod
    L4D Survivor Hands Fixed

    Very long overdue fix for the pivot points of the L4D survivor arms models. Also changes Francis' finger vertex weighting from 'scary-bad' to 'somewhat-normal'.

  • Mod
    FNP45 Pistols

    Tenoyl's FNP45 and Insight X2 models for the standard pistol(s). K1CHWA textured the Insight X2 for this release. Awesome new sounds by Doktor Haus and Panda Hero/Toxxic Skais. Animations are a mix of old and new... Duals use my old trie...

  • Mod
    (SG552) Steyr AUG

    This Steyr AUG is to visually replace the SG552, one of the hidden/L4D2 German Version CSS weapons. Twinke Masta's AUG A1 with Silentassassin12's textures and my animations. Sounds left open. No script within VPK so it works on more pos...

  • Mod
    H&K MP5 (Uzi)

    MP5 model made completely from scratch. Normal mapped from the high poly model, and uses specular and gloss maps. All new animations meant to work online. Replaces Uzi //Thanks SA-X for MP5 script for CSS MP5 version. //


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